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Morgenstern's Works are published in original German (DE) in 11 Books.

Only a small part is available in English (EN). Some works were edited first in English translation.

  TITLE First Publication (in other languages)
[1] The Son of the lost Son (Der Sohn des verlorenen Sohnes.)  Sparks in the abyss I EN 1946 Review (DE 1935, FR 1998, NL 2001, ES 2009)
[2] In my father´s patures (Idyll im Exil). Sparks in the abyss II  EN 1947, (DE1996, FR 2000, NL 2007, ES 2009)
[3] The Testament of the Lost Son (Das Vermächtnis des verlorenen Sohnes).  Sparks in the abyss III  EN 1950, (DE 1963, FR 2001, ES 2010)
[4] The Third Pillar (Die Blutsäule. Zeichen und Wunder am Sereth) EN 1955, (DE 1964, HE 1976)
[5]  Joseph Roths Flucht und Ende. [Joseph Roth' s flight and end] DE 1994 (EN - , FR 1997, ES 2000, IT 2001)
[6] Alban Berg und seine Idole. Erinnerungen und Briefe.  [Alban Berg and his Idols]   DE 1995 (EN - ) English translation of the letter at the end of the book , (ES 2002)
[7] In einer anderen Zeit. Jugendjahre in Ostgalizien [In Another Time. Youth in East Galicia] DE 1995 (EN - , ES 2005)
[8] Flucht in Frankreich. [Flight in France] DE 1998 (EN - , FR 2002, ES 2005)
[9] Der Tod ist ein Flop. [Death is a Flop] DE 1999  (EN - )
[10] Dramen. Feuilletons. Fragmente. [Dramas. Feuilletons. Fragments.] DE 2000 (EN - )

Kritiken. Berichte. Tagebücher. [Reviews. Reports. Diaries.]


*) This volume includes three contributions in Original English:

 - from 1958:  "Doctor Zhivago" Essay. Morgenstern's only text written in English and meant for pulicaton. First publicaton 2001 Kritiken. Berichte. Tagebücher pp482-501

- from 1973: Radio interview "A Conversation with Dr. Soma Morgenstern" . First publicaton 2001 Kritiken. Berichte. Tagebücher pp701-716. Also available on this website.

- from 1975:  The Jewish Novelist in New York - An Emigré. First publication New York, Columbia Press 1982 in: Creators and Disturbers. Reminiscences by Jewish Intellectuals of New York.

DE 2001 (EN - *) )









The (German) publisation of all 11 volumes can be found at zu Klampen

The individual publications are shown in this site on the page EDITONS .

"Joseph Roths Flucht und Ende" - in the German original - can also electronically be viewed for the biggest part.



Morgensterns works kan be summarized in the following way:

Title (supposed, approximate) YEAR of coompletion first publication   Remark
Die Richter  (The Judges) - drama 1920   Translation (from Polish) of the drama Seziowie (1907) von Stanislaw Wyspiañski.  Never performed - Text is lost.
ER oder ER. (HE or HE) Drama in four acts. 1922 2000 [10] Never performed
Im Dunstkreis. Drama in three acts. 1923 2000 [10] Never performed. First title was "Im Kunstkreis". Foreseen pseudonym: Modest Morsten
Imago  1926 2000 [10] Fragments of a not completed drama
Franz Kafka. Essay 1927 2001 [11]  
Kritiken, Berichte, Glossen  (reviews, reports, apostils) 1924-1934 1924-1934 [11] see "Articles"
Feuilletons 1927-1940 (1927-1940 [10] see "Articles"
Der Sohn des verlorenen Sohnes. novel 1935 1935 [1]

"Sparks in the abyss" - part one (The Son of the Lost Son)

Idyll im Exil. novel 1938 1947 [2] "Sparks in the abyss" - part two (In my Father´s Pastures)
[Flucht in] Frankreich. 1942 1998. [8] Veröffentlicht unter dem Titel "Flucht in Frankreich. Ein Romanbericht." ("A novel-report") -  LINK: manuscript of the first chapter
Das Vermächtnis des verlorenen Sohnes. novel 1943 1950 [3] "Sparks in the abyss" - part three (The Testanment of the Lost Son)
Mechzio. fragment of a novel 1943 2000 [10] Fragment of a novel. Not performed fourth part of  "Sparks in the abyss"
Die Blutsäule. Zeichen und Wunder am Sereth. novel. 1952 1955 [4] Kan be seen as an epilogue to the trilogy "Sparks in the abyss" - English title: The Third Pillar
Von Hunden und Wölfen. "Der Tisch" and other stories 1952 -   Not realized project of a publication.  The included  story  "Der Tisch" (The Table) is taken from "Flucht in Frankreich" . The other stories are lost.
Franz Kafka. Essay  1955 2001 [11] Probalby a text written for the envisaged, not realized book (in English): Franz Kafka and his Misinterpreters
Die Blutsäule. Drama.  1958 -   Dramatization of the novel. Premiere in the synagoge in Baden near Vienna,  in 2000
Doctor Zhivago. Essay. 1958 2001 [11] Only work in English
Joseph Roths Flucht und Ende. (Escape and end of J.Roth) etwa1970 1994 [5] Segregated from the autobigraphic records - compiled to an independent part.
Alban Berg und seine Idole. Erinnerungen und Briefe. (Alban Berg and his Idols. Recollections and letters) etwa1970 1995 [6] Segregated from the autobigraphic records - compiled to an independent part
Über Walter Benjamin. Briefberichte (About Benjamin. Reports in letters) 1973 (-1975) 2001 [11] see "Articles"
Über Robert Musil. Briefberichte (About Musil. Report in letters) 1974 2001 [11] see "Articles"
Über Ernst Weiß.  1974 1975 [11] see "Articles"
Wer ist Franz Kafka? Essay (Who is Kafka? Essay) 1975 2001 [11]  
Der Tod ist ein Flop. novel (Death is a flop) (1976) 1999 [9] Novel - Fragment - not completed
Autobiography ("Ein Leben mit Freunden" - A life with friends) (1976) 1995 [7] Fragment. The part of SM´s teens is published with the title "In einer anderen Zeit. Jugendjahre in Ostgalizien" (In another time. Youth in Galicia)